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Is online shopping killing the high street?

While many high-street shops struggle to meet the cost of rent and business rates, online spending in the UK has more than doubled in the last five years. In 2007 online spending was just 3.6% of all retailing, in 2012 it was 8.1%. The UK spent a staggering...

Am I bovvered?

So, what’s the point of getting in a tizz over a little typo? Well, getting it wrong can make you look pretty foolish and can really affect customers’ perception of your brand. If you’re not concerned about having accurate messaging,...

New website reflects RIPA’s fresh ideas for cost-effective training

RIPA International (owned by Capita plc) offers a wide range of popular learning programmes, to help improve the effectiveness of public administration at home and abroad. Following a recent brand refresh, RIPA International wanted to renew its dated...

Filter tips?

The growth of the web in our daily lives has created changes in almost everything we do, from booking holidays and tickets, to remote working and instant communication. It’s never been easier for people to communicate almost instantly right across...

Data is key, part 1.

Finally, the brief’s been signed off and we’ve received the purchase order, now the fun starts! We have to produce a new marketing campaign to increase sales, the campaign must direct customers to the sparkly new website we’ve designed...