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‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 04

#YouAreThe5th One of those moments you look at some collateral someone spent £10K on and you see the analytics…. 5 views and you are the 5th, so that is 4. Opening on a complete side note there, a digression before I even start, well it’s an...

‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 03

Oooo another week and look I actually managed to focus 3 times now. Boom. #PersonalRecord Anyhow, what’s gone on? Well Big Chris, senior dev, Daddy Kew himself, has been hit with the illnesses leaving me without a paddle and a shed load of jobs needing...

‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 02

Well what’s gone down in the last week in my world of work? Well let’s do us a list, everyone likes a list, and just to be awks let’s do a top 7: 1. Just this morning a lovely meeting with a newly signed-off client on a project with many bits –...

‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 01

So how you doin? Time to actually start, let alone update my much planned and never executed ‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ in a provincial home counties agency. Not wishing to undersell us as an agency, I’m just fully aware of who and what we...