Anna Mees

Anna Mees


Rockulus-tastic – my boy ‘done good’!

Last week I had an amazing night… something I could hardly have predicted a few years ago.  I was in Ronnie Scott’s bar actually watching and listening to my very cool son playing guitar! On the back of his work with a local singer/songwriter and...

No hyena this time and the lunch was a LOT better!

They let me out of the cupboard again and I made the most of it… travelling to the Henry Moore Foundation in the beautiful village of Perry Green. For 2013, the Foundation compared the works of Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore. It’s too late...


Just back from an amazing couple of weeks in Tanzania – fabulous place, lovely people (apart from the touts at the ferry terminal). We flew to Dar es Salaam but after that travelled by road and ferry, so got a real feel for this amazing country…...

One student’s not so lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer

Guest post by Darcy Lamptey Summer time for most students like me is when we get to relax – away from the worries of deadlines and essays. But it’s also a time when students are trying to find experience in order to gain a foothold in their...

Am I bovvered?

So, what’s the point of getting in a tizz over a little typo? Well, getting it wrong can make you look pretty foolish and can really affect customers’ perception of your brand. If you’re not concerned about having accurate messaging,...