Am I bovvered?

Newspaper cutting

So, what’s the point of getting in a tizz over a little typo? Well, getting it wrong can make you look pretty foolish and can really affect customers’ perception of your brand. If you’re not concerned about having accurate messaging, then maybe you’re not that concerned about anything else in your business either – including quality control.

Always make a good first impression

One of the worst places to miss a typo is in the subject line of your beautifully crafted marketing email – the door to the campaign you’ve ‘strategised’ over for hours and that most discerning recipients will now delete without a second thought. Their first thought will have been far from complimentary!

Spelling America incorrectly certainly didn’t do Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign any favours… ‘A Better Amercia’ opening to his iPhone app obviously didn’t appeal to the electorate!

Don’t let anything slip through the net

Always make sure you get someone else to read your work – we all read what we think we’ve written. Even the most diligent writers have difficulty proofing their own work.

And don’t rush… proofreading is time-consuming. I remember being asked by someone (who should have known better) to speed-read a document for errors – a sure-fire route to sloppy copy.

So next time you’re annoyed at all the typos in the ebook you’ve just bought, remember the role of the sub-editor. We’re just as important in the digital world as we are in print.

We’re something of a rare breed in the agency world, but we can prevent a lot of red faces and maybe save you a lot of money.

There’s loads of it out there

On my way to work the other day, I spotted this Jeremy Clarkson quote in Metro: “When I see a sign advertising CD’s and DVD’s, I become so angry that my teeth start to fall out”. Jeremy, I could of hugged you!

If you can’t spot three mistakes in the paragraph above, get in touch now!

(And if you don’t think it could appear in ‘print’, I did see ‘could of’ used the other day in a news item on Yahoo.)