Superheroes campaign champions customer service for Serco

Serco Docklands - Superheroes campaignSerco Docklands (Serco), a wholly owned subsidiary of Serco Group, is the franchise operator of Docklands Light Railway (DLR), the light railway that serves south and east London. As a lead DLR design and marketing agency, Oculus has been delivering first-class work to DLR since 2004.

To help drive a strong push to elevate customer satisfaction, the marketing team asked Oculus to create a series of six engaging comic strips and complementary materials as part of its ‘Play Your Part’ internal communications campaign.

We created six cartoon-style customer-service superheroes and six passenger illustrations depicting characters in the stories Serco wanted to tell. We edited the stories they supplied into bite-sized chunks to fit the visuals, making sure we added highlighted buzzwords to emphasise key messaging.

We also created: window vinyls for each passenger type; full-size cut-out superheroes featuring the slogan ‘Be a customer hero’; and 15 by 2.8 metre wall graphics for the tunnel linking Poplar station with the Poplar depot.

The six cartoons will be released via the internal newsletter. Our wall graphics have already completely transformed what was once a drab concrete tunnel into a vibrant inspiring walkway featuring customer-service heroes flying over the Canary Wharf skyline.

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