The trojan becomes the trojan #discomfort

Following a quick ‘work related’ chat on url and site management with a favourite client, the ever effervescent Dunc, we delved into the pros and cons of client side verses agency life, during which time we touched upon the assimilation of Jean Luc Picard (#makeitso) by the Borg back in Star Trek Generations (the best of the franchise).

And to his credit, we had another quote of the day from Big Dunc – “… The Trojan Horse became the Trojan horse” (he has provided quote of the day many times before, the man is an oracle).

Why do I bring this up?

Well bringing this into our #discomfort workings at the moment here at work, it brings to mind a thought I was having around a post on Social Media and grounds it nicely in reality, for me at least.

I was trying to write up some words in a readable order, and failing, about using Social Media for your brand properly. Rather than the usual noise about channel and targeting and demographic and tone and voice and positioning it was more a personal flow of words around the subject without going straight through the cliché buzz’s that we all use when in pitch mode.

Social Media can be the nemesis to many, it allows them out there a voice, & it can be negative, it can be a royal pain to those who manage a brand. Many brand managers lose sleep over any public content being out there not penned by a professional wordsmith following the usual 14 rounds of approval and bearing no relation the original sentiment you bought into.

Those potential clients out there (net new acquisition customers) could well see stuff that is in effect a Trojan horse on your brand undoing all the good you have done in years in a matter of 140 characters. Now if you aren’t scared, here’s the link, embrace your #discomfort and get on board with this behaviour and work within these conversations, actually talk to people, turning things around.

These easy to access gateways to your brand can then be used as a power for good and your initial adversaries become your ambassadors.

It’s not an overnight thing granted, but using these more elastic of channels to project, seed an d market can give you long term loyalty. It can get the real you out there in terms of brand, you can really open up the markets understanding of you. Publically. And when they understand you, or what you want them to at least then they are on board. All through conversational tactics and a bit of graft….

So to give you the full quote of the day and give you the full grounding of where this little diatribe sprung from:

“Ah yes Locutus of Borg…

Allowing them to access the intimate knowledge of Picard but opening up his understanding of them… The Trojan Horse became the Trojan horse”.