Integrated lead-generation campaign promotes Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe - Digital JourneyAdobe, a global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions asked Oculus to design and build an integrated lead-generation campaign to promote Adobe Marketing Cloud – a complete toolkit of digital marketing solutions.

The campaign needed to be engaging and thought-provoking, working across offline as well as online materials. It also needed to facilitate data capture, specifically details of executive-level decision-makers as well as encouraging downloading of campaign-related assets.

For the digital journey campaign theme, we created a spherical ‘Adobe red’ maze image. Initially, all targets received an email encouraging them to visit the campaign website featuring an animated maze, access gated free assets and use the interactive digital maturity benchmarking tool. The 500 top-level leads also received a premium-quality boxed gift (a branded mobile phone charger). For the second phase, we updated the landing page so that visitors were invited to take one of four pathways: Personalisation, Mobile, Attribution and Omni Channel – leading to downloadable assets. We also introduced an initial outreach programme and then a ‘Tweet to Win’ mechanic to extend the campaign reach.

The result was a regular feed of high-level prospects to Adobe throughout 2014, with The Tweet to Win campaign generating further visibility and increased interaction. This year-long campaign is continuing to generate a significant number of high- value leads.

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