Oculus helps position K3 CRM’s new identity through a portfolio of event materials and channel feeds support

K3 CRM, a division of K3 Business Technology Group PLC, is dedicated to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM across industries, with a focus on the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors.

Following Oculus’s successful rebranding of K3 CRM’s online presence, we were asked to continue the journey by rolling out the new brand style and language into a suite of experiential materials, including an attention-grabbing presentation, for events. The first requirement to ensure cross-media coverage was for material for K3 CRM’s ‘Bringing Customers Closer’ event at the Microsoft Campus in Thames Valley Park, Reading.

To ensure consistency in branding to firmly position K3 CRM’s new identity, we developed a portfolio of online and offline materials, which included pop-up banners and handouts and a non-linear, canvas-based, landscape-driven presentation in Prezi.

We built an event page on the corporate website around the event and the event photography. Further channel feeds through the newly established and branded K3 CRM social channels and PR streams also gave maximum momentum for PR and seeding activities.

Oculus also attended the event in an official photographic capacity, capturing the energy, the people, the location and, importantly, the buzz of the event, and giving K3 CRM scope for ongoing PR and promotional activity.

The event was very successful and over 90% of attendees said that the day completely met or exceeded their expectations (see

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