The Oculus take on the State Opening of Parliament

  • Opening parliament illustration 1
  • Opening parliament illustration 2
  • Opening parliament illustration 3
  • Opening parliament illustration 4
  • Opening parliament illustration 5
  • Opening parliament illustration 6

The State Opening of Parliament is always a colourful event, but we’ve put our own spin on it and taken colourful a step further! Recently, our client UK Parliament’s Education Service asked us to develop a set of eight illustrations depicting the major players and events featured in the annual ceremony that marks the start of a new session of Parliament.

Our creative is based on the style we devised in 2009 for a series of publications and web banners. The work will be included in a box of free teaching resources and props available for primary schools to borrow. The materials in the box aim to bring the work of Parliament to life… and we think our illustrations certainly do that. We hope you like them as much as we do!

“The excellent images created by Oculus will be a great addition to our Loan Box teaching resource pack. These fun and colourful characters will be a big hit in schools around the UK.