Apps, apps and more apps!

Wow, it seems that apps are flavour of the month (or year as it’s turning out). There have been moments recently when we’ve felt like a mobile app development agency.

We’ve just launched an app for Oxford University Press – to enable their sales teams to professionally demo a one of their courses.  The response has been so good the client’s investing even more resources in developing apps for their customers.

We’ve also recently launched a data-capture for Adobe.  This enables them to capture details of sales leads on their iPads at tradeshows and events.  It’s been so popular we’re now looking at a version for Adobe in Russia!

Besides these, we’ve almost finished development of an app for Tracker – enabling their customers to track where their vehicles are at any time and even review their journey histories.  This is coming together really well – we look forward to sharing some screenshots when it goes live!

The development team have mainly been using Adobe’s PhoneGap to develop the apps on – this delivers fantastic end results (no noticeable performance lag over natively coded apps) and means the same code-base can be used to create iOS and Android versions of the same app without the extra cost of developing on two separate platforms.