‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 01

So how you doin?

Time to actually start, let alone update my much planned and never executed ‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ in a provincial home counties agency.

Not wishing to undersell us as an agency, I’m just fully aware of who and what we are, and that is not a bad thing, us little guys still do some great stuff for some big, and small players.

So the big things on the cards last week, what were they? Well to recap mentally before the full lowdown they were – 24 videos to get out the door for Friday a week ahead of schedule, a 24+ month to market launch plan for a product, a new website, another new website, 3 new biz proposals and planning a virtual reality campaign. Amongst all that lot was the usual new product video, spurious emails, campaign plans and creative briefs to do.

Looking back I guess the main pressure point was the video deadline. 24 may well be selling it strong, in reality 8 feature animations, each one supported with a couple of social teaser vids for channel placement. Ending the week was a meeting with client outlining and reworking the social teasers, the main ones got through clean. It was a matter of explaining the signed-off copy and visuals were story, we need to tease, so creative and artistic licence has been granted along with the power of the executive decision as we go along. #HappyDays.

The 24 month strategy is all there, it’s just across the backs of many fag packets and flip chart sheets. Time is required to condense, collate and make coherent. #ThatIsAll

The 2 new websites, they have vied for attention for the past few weeks as they both kicked off around the same time. One has reached its conclusion earlier, the second has now hit the ‘need Dave’ point with a deadline for May 1. A face to face with the client has sorted a few things out and May 1 is do-able. Dev, design, words and all now full steam ahead. One is green, very green, one has pugs on it. #iLikePugs

The raft of new business meetings of late have culminated in a raft of proposals to get out the door. If only there was an out-the-box answer for this stuff life would be easier I guess. But if that were the case what would be the point of me? Well 1 has gone out, and we won it, YAY. Another due out now so being proofed… The other I am no-where near yet and they are in tomorrow AM. That’ll be fun. #SalesRep

The VR campaign is good, been playing with Google Cardboard with ze boys, looking at mark-up verses rendering models, and then looking at the viewers too. A fun diversion from the standard patter and looking pretty good. I quite fancy a 360 GoPro rig myself… #Cardboard

The other spurious bits are all the standard patter, a new product video to storyboard and get out, omni channel nurture campaign planning in tandem with a site build out to encompass this new market offering… oh the world of B2B technology marketing. As Ronan Keating predicted, life is indeed a Rollercoaster. #Playboylifestyle

Anyhow, must crack on with this week now. Chocks away & tally ho.