‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 02

Well what’s gone down in the last week in my world of work?

Well let’s do us a list, everyone likes a list, and just to be awks let’s do a top 7:

1. Just this morning a lovely meeting with a newly signed-off client on a project with many bits – storytelling, website planning from architecture to wireframes to page scoring and all that. Linked to this building out the copy platform, messaging hierarchy and tonality across multiple sectors across all them channels we now work with. All in a complex web of things to consider and in a new market, to me at least. Time to slip on the old #strategyhat

2. So that’s a kick off meeting as of today. Then last week I had another. And a good un too, full on 12-24 month digital planning. A full road map from brand launch, cross-sector planning, messaging and rationale to deployment times and tactics. Been a big ole lump of planning behind that one and well worth it all was too. Site, product video (a hopeful return of the crows feet), campaign planning, SEO, PPCS, social and all that shebang #CrowsFeet

3. On top of that is the return on 16 social feed videos for vine, Instagram and Facebook. Storyboarded and scamped out, now to make these puppies #viral

4. Then we have another campaign page at the 11th hour, plan and scamp, UX first then design and it got out first round #NoDesignByShutterstockOnMyWatch

5. Oh almost forgot today, the invention of a new quarter to fit in a new campaign – all good news and a nice spin off from another campaign currently in planning stage right now, working up the follow up before the initial roll #ReverseEngineering

6. Oh, and am I going to Liverpool this Wednesday? Am I? #WhoKnows

7. Then I have to finally scope out and map the build of a site I have been working on the past year. A wonderful lump of proper strategic consultancy and planning comes to fruition, and what with all that work I must say I am very happy to say some Dave future visionary UX and design is at play on the homepage #LessIsMore

So in a nutshell, videos (animations and live filming), campaigns a plenty (integrated omni channel obvs), 4 corporate site builds (Kentico and WordPress), some VR, a Kindle App and some other thing I have forgotten about so it’s time to #MakeItSo