‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 03

Oooo another week and look I actually managed to focus 3 times now. Boom.


Anyhow, what’s gone on?

Well Big Chris, senior dev, Daddy Kew himself, has been hit with the illnesses leaving me without a paddle and a shed load of jobs needing the big man’s ninja skills in the old code. My own shaolin code is, in all honesty, and I’m happy to say, rather rusty… gone are the days of me actually making those pages and emails in 12 languages and actually chipping away at the rock face personally. That’s why I have a team. They are better than me at that, so why do it myself?

Surround yourself with people better than yourself.

Let’s do what I’m good at, what I’m actually paid to do. And that is to steer destiny and command the chair of power with insight, inspirational quotes and generally stay there, just ahead of the curve and #MakeThingsSo. Or to be more accurate, plan out how to make things so, then get my uber squad of code dudes and dudettes to deploy their jaguar skills and make it a reality. Or indeed a virtual reality. See what I did there?

So Daddy Kew is down with the fevers, get well soon big guy.

In his absence life goes on, and it’s giving me the time to actually plan stuff properly for him to hit hard and fast upon his return and together we can direct the minions.

The rest are doing good. In particular my Frenchman, Mangosh, powers through regardless with his usual charm and commentary and passion – videos, calculators, bootstrap, VVVV, textures and all that jazz.

This week is viral week. Well it’s been with me for the week in my head, and it’s creative brief time tomorrow so let’s make it good. Let’s get all Honey badger, all Tron Guy, all Afro Ninja. You know dat sheet.

Afro Ninja to a Global tech Giant? Really? Like really? Yeah like really. It’s SO going down. Or something similar. And you know what? Talking to these ‘clients’ actually helps. And talking with passion without the corporate curtain in the way sells ideas. And selling ideas gets me and my team to do VR, to spend a year consulting before building, gets UX, IA, wireframes and journeys and all that mapped before design. It gets design done by science not ShutterStock/iStock/whatevsStock.

If you work stuff out. Build the strategy. Sell that strategy. Build the rationale. Sell that rationale. Pull things apart. Take out the fluff. Put it back together for actual purpose and design for the end user/buyer/market or whatever, build out a page journey, a site journey and all that. Use a felt tip pen and a brain. And then creatively brief your designers around something actual, something worked out and rationalised and you know what. It works.

No design by a stock search. Not on my watch.

This week then? A good deal of tail chasing, politics, resource juggling, planning and all the usual bits, only one new biz trip this week to North London, Liverpool is in a couple of weeks, mapping sites, pages, campaigns, videos, social initiatives, creatives and tactics. And budgets. Oh the usual time against resource against rate against budget and pricing up scopes and models. #DavesMaths

The 2 hot things for me right now? That viral thing above is good, or hopefully will be. And then a hopeful rerun of the #CrowsFeet concept. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Photo credit to Mr Timothy Simon aka @craftiestduck