‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 04


One of those moments you look at some collateral someone spent £10K on and you see the analytics…. 5 views and you are the 5th, so that is 4.

Opening on a complete side note there, a digression before I even start, well it’s an opener for you dear reader if nothing else.

So what’s the week been like?

Well the usual #AgencyLife stresses, trials and tribulations sprinkled with the odd victory, no matter how small, around and within the usual.

The week started off with yet another new skill to add to my LinkedIn profile ‘Trainer’ oh yes I was air dropped in blind to the Cotswolds to train a client on how to use their Kentico CMS, and yes BAM, job done.

“A thoroughly useful day, Dave was so helpful and the course was great


Then back to the normal world.

Big Chris is still off, so I have been dusting off the old code skills. Such fun. Actually building stuff. Such as….

Turned round a first-touch campaign build in a day, email build, data upload, copy write, design, and all that, then a landing page with registration form, in WordPress this time so not so hard, even for an old man like me.


That reminds me I saw another campaign go out this week carrying my copy I threw together as an example of what they want. The example got signed off and sent. Hahahah


Urm, also been trying my hand at other core dev work, and it’s been a while. So yeah, a bit of bootstrap, some .NET, some PHP and some base HTML too. All that on top of the usuals. I now know why I no longer do dev. I’m slow. It’s not my primary forte. Well .NET defo is not my bag, never been any good at it and still not, but I fumble along as best I can. I even made some div>’s and did some padding and some !!important’s and the odd position: absolute.

Also been thrown in to try to fix a handy little destruction job done by a client on their site, oh the perils of user access.


A small victory was the sign off and supply of 8 animations, the social teasers are to be confirmed, re storyboarded but hey, the big ones are out…

Various sites and pages making up demos, corp sites and campaigns are also ongoing and working well.

A few new sign offs on new projects this week too, so it’s still busy busy here in the world of pixels.


sales patter> On that note, if anyone wants any expert digi stuff doing, come and talk to Uncle Dave. Design, builds, strategy, rich media and everything in between. /sales patter>

And now we have a 3-day weekend looming, so a breather down in Somerset is on the cards from tomorrow. Planning to be on the M4/M5 listening to 5Live and the football on my tod in the Saab. With the mighty Saints FC still with an outside chance of a European place and hopefully Leicester will seal the deal. Then fish ‘n’ chips by the sea with the Old Man tomorrow night, lazy Sunday with a carvery and then back to the Shires. Thinking of doing some Queen B & Lemonade on the way back, why not eh?