‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 05

I got to thinking the other night how on earth did I end up doing this job? When I was a kid I wanted to be a Car Designer or an Architect, not a Head of Digital. Then again there was no such thing as a Head of Digital when I was a kid. And I’m grasping at straws to think whether there was a ‘Digital’ at all, let alone a Head of it.

So thinking about that it’s no wonder this wasn’t my dream job as a kid. Now I did actually make it into being an architect, did the education and practised for a bit, then being all young and stuff I saw a job advert doing ‘Web Solutions’ and went for it. Much to the bemusement of my mother **shockedface** indeed.

So here I am all the years later still living that dream. Probably about the last generation doing this job who would never have dreamt of it as a kid, as it exists now and has done for a while.

So here I am. And am I happy? Well it’s swings and roundabouts really isn’t it? Like most jobs. Overall, yeah I’m happy, I like the job, I like the industry, I like the mechanics, and luckily it seems I’m pretty good at it so #HappyDays

If I were a kid now would I want to do it? Would I be happy if my kids went into it, or wanted to? Well TBH yeah. Whether Agency Life is a healthy environment or not is debateable, but in general, yes, Digital is a great choice. It’s ever evolving, it’s in the ascendancy and it is a bit exciting. I mean look at us here, we have been looking at VR, that wasn’t a possibility not long ago. Like mobile, that’s all pretty new. Even in my time in this actual job here in Reading the landscape has shifted considerably. Then I was chatting to one of my lot here about some mind-blowing stuff another one of his mates was doing with digital, code and water, 6000 odd water jets, bonkers.

Yeah there is the bread and butter normality of kinetic animations and eDMs, but even those are shifting in behaviour and approach. It’s that ever-shifting reality which I like. And however long it holds, I do like the fact that pretty much no-one outside of what I do actually knows what I do, so there is a hell of a lot of independence. All good.

And then there is Drone Racing. Proper Mental to an olden like me, racing actual things whilst driving with a VR headset on. Like what?

Anyways, work this week. I’ll make it quick.

• Knocking out videos for social media.

• Chris is back, so the Green website is out the door.

• The Orange website will be polished and buffed next week.

• Campaign pages signed off and out after a 10-minute CTA build this morning with auto email feed and download trail.

• Finally got round to making this live for the boys football club, oh yeah that’s me live on BBC1.

• A speed build out of a new site section to add foundation to the campaign we pushed last week for another client.

• Spec’d up and planned another couple of sites and campaigns. Just the one New Biz day out this week, but had 2 meetings that day, both went well.

• Pitch time next week so looking at that response and building out the rationale, strategy and plan for that from the initial response.

Working with in-house and freelance resources on all the above and more is always fun whilst still juggling the finances and budgets.

Right now though, it’s Friday, it’s looking sunny out there and I am out on time, or as near as dammit, today so that was the week that was.