‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 06

I was going to add a new skill to my LinkedIn profile. This week it so happened that I was the only proficient binder in the agency. Boom I thought, binding is a great new skill to add. But my excellence in binding must have come through experience as it turns out that it is a skill I already possess.

Please do feel free to endorse me, for binding, I am very good at it. <- that’s me that is there, go on endorse me.

Two other great skills you can endorse me for that I have in my list are:

1. Modelling

2. Acting

Worthy skills for a man in an eminent position as a leading digirati authority of note.

As I am looking at my true omnichannel approach with my skills, as well as the end product of my daily toils for clients, I should also add my keynote speaking, and building from that I am happy for after dinner speaking as well. I reckon I’d be good at that.

The best I have seen for a long time was Jeremy Bowen at the e-Resourcing Christmas bash with the ever-wonderful Chris Carter and Rachael Adams. But then I am a bit of a Jeremy Bowen #Fanboy it must be said.

Apart from his up-there status with me, and his excellent anecdotes about surviving warzones in the Middle East whilst trying to find ice cubes for his drink and a reliable satellite link, what made his speaking so good? Well that sort of sums it up. Great content. Engaging content and presentation style. Pithy, not rambling, well it was rambley in the right places to build up the back-story, but that is all part of it.

And the session spanned many happenings all spun to loosely tie in with the event itself. Yeah, it spun around to tech. How it’s easier to broadcast from warzones these days using Skype without the need for 20 metres of cables, an industrial power source and a satellite feed in position. Yeah, he engaged with real-life stories of endeavour woven into a techie-friendly package for us lot in the tech industry.

It was good.

And yes, it’s what I do in my day job, spinning the tales of how we do what we do, why we do it, why we do the actual things for our actual clients and shape it accordingly for them. How we do this storytelling for them. And they enable us to do their storytelling.

Engagement at all levels. There is a degree of smoke and mirrors as ever, that is unavoidable in this industry #EveryoneLovesABuzzword, but it’s about knowing your stuff.

Mr Bowen lived these experiences, he told them as they happened in his style and language, be yourself and talk about what you know, and know well, in your own style.

An important thing to note here – if you are one of life’s planners – is you need your script and your slides. If, like me, you aren’t, and you rely on your wit, common sense and intrinsic knowledge of what you are doing, then do it that way. Never force one style into another, it ain’t gonna work.

A bit like the pitch we had this week – and the one next week. It’s storytelling about storytelling. #AsYouDo. It’s after dinner speaking in a meeting. Without a rider. Or a Winnebago. Or 20 white doves and a bowlful of only red Smarties.

So yes. If you want to pay me, I will do after-dinner sessions, or keynote sessions. My rider is not as extravagant as it once was #ItsNotThe90sAnyMore. I would be happy to tell you all and your guests about the wonders of digital, how it has evolved, best practice, omnichannel approaches, automation, VR, machine learning, drone racing, Outlook OFTs (lol) and anything else. Can you believe I could make OFTs sound exciting? Well I can.

All that and I can bind documents for a pitch. Without breaking into a sweat.

Yes, I AM THE HEAD OF DIGITAL! I can bind!


So this week? What have we been doing?

Well the green site is out. Woop woop. And they are wanting other bits doing… #Phase2. It may be back.

The orange one needs pushing forward #WeNeedContent

The minimal one is looking good, building out the bleak mystopian vision of the home page now for pilot and demo.

Socials are out.

The purple site is being made out of pictures from a fantastically Furby felt tip brief #BackofaFagPacket – visionary stuff with a designer who gets it.

I did some binding (did I mention that already?)

A pitch.

And today, if I get out I am off to the ExCel for the Adobe Summit and the B2B EXPO

So gotta run :)