‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 07

Well, this week bought me syndication – these here chronicles have been picked up and are being published elsewhere. And here I am a day (make it two) behind my, albeit self-imposed, deadline. I try to make these Friday at the latest, but here we are on a Saturday (Sunday). Hey ho, week one of syndication and late… Well it’s good to set the expectations early.

Am I late in publishing due to my negotiations with BBC4 commissioning my new show outlining the influence of the Venetians and the Byzantine Empires on the digital landscape today? How the shaping of St Marks, the Basilica and the Doge’s Palace echo the shaping of corporate digital architecture and marketing? How the four ancient Grecian horses on the portico above the Basilica entrance that underscore the plundering of other cultures act as a metaphor for today’s online corporate posturing while the Palladian elegance of Palladio’s orders still lead digital architecture #NothingIsOriginal. Is that the reason? No, I am a day late due to publishing the orange website.

I was up against a Friday deadline. Yes I know it goes against one of my rules, but it was a soft launch to show the funder the complete site, not a live live so the rule stays strong #NeverGoLiveOnAFriday.

So yep, the orange site had me at the pit face ensuring we had turnaround. The team needed their Kaptain with them to inspire and get it through the door. The chair of power had pretty constant occupation, which is a novelty. So, what in this orange site is it that needed me? Not a lot other than presence and leadership. Yes, it’s got e-commerce, a product estimator, FAQs as well as all the usual about pages, all standard really but you should see my deep maths at work on the estimator. Elegant maths.

So, we have a range of say 20 products, all available for weekly or monthly purchase, discounted and full price, with variable terms and durations. Big Chris did the code, all the what and if statements and I did the maths so it all goes into the Kentico CMS for our dear users to be able to update everything through three text fields on each product (ongoing). We had a bit of fun dusting off my old maths knowhow.

“You used to be an architect, and now do digi so must be a maths geek” so Chris reckoned, so I set out with a sharp pencil.

So yeah:

if m < or = to l then dp * m or if m > l then ((m – l * fp) + (dp*ld))

…or something like that. Not sure that’s 100% right now I try to remember it, but it’s close enough for this post. #HeinzWolf

So yeah, that site got done. What else?

Well, the purple one is progressing well. Their campaign needs some extra push. I have thoughts and straplines and direction in mind, so all fine there. And I need to progress their video. But all is good in that world, too #CrowsFeet

The one I have been on for the last year +, the Palladian work, is big, is complex but it’s going the right way. The usual rumbles are there, but to be expected, especially focused on the home page, which for me on this site especially drives all language and linearity from there inwards.

The one thing that I am assured of is the fact we are delivering brilliance. This work is my Palazzo. Elegant, structured and designed to the orders. Front end is Doric, as you go deeper we open up into Corinthian via Ionic and more. #Layers

Other things. We now have our Kentico partner agreement negotiated and in place. Economic and development benefits secured. Our break four already there and proof five secured, underscoring a secure return from investment ensuring benefits for clients, a 20:20 win. #Winning

Usual small-scale agency highs and lows throughout the week. Peaks and troughs as ever – more of the former than the latter, thankfully. A new VR push with potential social API plugins all for that Q5 that’s been put in place to extend our year that little bit further. If nothing else this job, this industry and the landscape in which I work does keep me on my toes professionally.

Then I have to get the social channel videos done tomorrow (today) if I have any chance of keeping my week ahead on track. Then I have to do the portrait version of another animation. But all that is academic as this is my birthday week.