‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 08

An extended writing hiatus has been enjoyed on the chronicles so apologies in the break of service.

Initiated by the birthday, extended by a trip to Cornwall (hence the picture #GoPro) and then, well it was catch-up time and well you know, time and tide wait for no man. So here I am a week or three later penning these words and attempting to get back in the saddle of saying things of any worth with an ounce of dignity. But as you can no doubt tell with this inane waffle I am writing now, I am padding whilst getting back in that there groove.

Well here goes.

What’s been going on? What is going on?

Well P1 right here and now as it has been of late, is the final stages in the delivery of a site that I have been on for the past year and a half in various guises. From the early brand learning, market learning, and messaging, through technical consultation and planning, ensuring a scalable (SP) architecture across currently four sites globally and all that. I have worked on seeding, user journeys in site and on page, relational data, mapping, content hierarchies, tone, channels and everything. #totes

To an extent, this is a greenfield build. Ground zero up.

And after a year of consulting and planning, through ID workshops and design stages, we are building, and in the final push – with a live date to aim for. A live date, with all good generative growth sites with a fully scoped out long-term strategy plan behind it, is just the end of a stage and the start of another. But it’s a highly visible stage close, so it’s all hands to the pumps.

And as this thing is coming together it is looking good, functionally it’s great, and the content and user mapping are coming together in practice as they did in theory – all is good. #pudding

Overall, this is a great proof case that planning, scoping and speccing in detail with intelligence and strategy pay off. Start it properly and it gets done in half the time.

Other things? Well, the new biz train steams ever onward, meetings, agreements, briefs and proposals all going through #WhichIsNice

Just this morning, I got approval on the visuals of another site for build – easy approval due to the upfront planning, scoping and strategy #obvs

The video is also a gnat’s knee away from sign-off. The VR campaign is moving the right way, it’s in build and looking good. The tablet app auto fire-up a book thingy in that campaign is ready for deployment, I just need to get me 150 personalised book things to align with the data I will also be given. The orange site is all good. In fact, better than good. The orange site backs the opening of new premises for the client, which brings with it an opening event, which brings with it potentially the best job ever.

Wrapping a kebab van in Bracknell.

Top that. Go on, dare you. Yes, that’s right, you read it right, wrapping a kebab van.


Snapped that one up like a hungry puppy. Brilliant.

And lots more stuff – but where do I go from the kebab van?