‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 09

Well, that was another week that was.

Let’s not dwell on the Brexit thing, the vitriol on social media, the backlash, the accusations, videos, quotes, arguments and so on, let’s look at other things, happier things, and work stuff. I have spent long enough this weekend alienating family the week before a family wedding with slam downs and getting irate reading my Twitter feed. Let’s move on and hope for the best.

So what occurred?

In short, off the top of my shiny head, two videos, three sites, three campaigns and some new biz. Probably missed stuff off that list but it’s as good a bullet list as I can draw up right now, so here goes:

Video 1 – Well, having been volunteered as the campaign, agency and video copywriter on this one I sharpened my quill, bought a new bottle of ink and got stuck in. First task: get to know them. Well I’ve done that bit having been to Liverpool and back to meet them, and spent many hours reading and talking to get inside them. Tick. Then pull apart the market. As above, tick. Look at the example they love (video that is) which is the PayPal New Money campaign. Excellent. So spend some time pulling that apart and transcribing it, working out how it works and why, copy, tone, pace, imagery and all that malarkey. Then layer this structure/technique and approach with our guys.

Well, draft 1 was knocked out, went through the official proofing process and came straight back untouched. Unsullied. My script, storyboard and visual pace guide didn’t touch the sides. Happy daze. Let’s hope Mr Client likes it too.


Video 2 – This is a stage later than video 1, drafts and storyboards presented having worked with the UK client in building up the story. We presented to Europe (oh here we go, how will Brexit affect a small home counties agency dependent on European clients for our income?) and the Germans had feedback. This came in Friday night so now with me again to work with and back to the client for coffee at his with an answer in hand tomorrow morning. All good.


Site 1 – The big one. A year and a half in, consultancy, planning, strategy, image and identity, concepts, designs and now build and we had a blind presentation to the big board last week. I say blind, as we weren’t there. We heard nothing all day. Literally nothing. They were presenting the dev site, so we are tools down waiting. Nothing. Silence. Obviously gossip starts, fearing the worst, a start from scratch they hate it and all that. But no. It’s a high 5, a big yay. “Oh if they hated it I would have called you” followed. A day’s dev lost and all that, but it’s a big positive. The only downside being the resupply of content. They loved it so much they realised what they have done for content is not as good as our site. High praise indeed. Final stretch now, there is a light ahead. And then from Go-Live, it’s just the start of the next phase.


Site 2 – The orange one. Shifting domains and DNS to the live server. Again everything positive, now have to shift all the SEO across too. Can’t go letting those all-important rankings drop.


Site 3 – The purple one. In build, progressing well, looking lovely and hoping to show-n-tell later this week.


Campaign 1 – The tablet DM and integrated online stuff. The app to load personalised content onto all the tablets cut three days’ work down to a couple of hours max., which was awesome. The site is nailed, as are the first two rounds of nurture outbound eDMs, all plugged in ready to rock and roll with data loaded. In fact, I just pressed the green button on the teaser eDMs so they are out in the world, and so the campaign starts.


Campaign 2 – The VR one. Again this morning eDM 1, the teaser goes out, the cardboard VR kit is branded and ready to ship. The VR world will be nailed this week and live so everything can push out. The end of target live online event is also pretty much there on platform just waiting for the go. Everything is good in Virtual Reality land.


Campaign 3 – Far earlier doors, still planning, doodling, and shaping. My pen is busy and the plans and structure are building now, mapping against actual and proposed data both in- and out-bound. Intelligent and evolving seeding paths are slotting together nicely.


New biz? – In and out. I went out, the Furby show was in the house selling and explaining how and why they want an agency rather than just a new website or some social posts. It’s all about taking a step back, taking a holistic view of everything and planning it all properly.

#NeverRun was never more apt.


Then some came in, which is fun. TBH, I’m yet to read what came in but seen a lot of traffic in my inbox about it so guess there is some meat on it. That’s for this afternoon.

Brexit aside, it was a good week.