‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 10

#HappyMonday? Well, there is such a thing as a happy Monday. And this one is there, on a work front at least.

So, last week was a quiet week on all fronts then… Not.

The UK is in turmoil, our government and the opposition are in tatters. Looks like the Lib Dems are the only stable bunch. Who? Families are torn apart. Bridges are hopefully not washed away to reconnect sooner rather than later.

Europe wants a quick divorce; we are waiting on leaderships to be decided. Sounds very much like an agency project to an extent. The client wants their delivery like yesterday, but no one is signing anything off or taking a lead in deciding content. Well obviously that is other people’s projects, or the dark old days. Right here, right now last week went swimmingly in terms of turnaround, for us at least. There were a couple of expected speed bumps in there, but in general everything that needed to went out as it should have done. #Winning

The purple site remains live, DNS on multiple domains is being shifted around, but that’s not down to me or mine. My bit is looking stable and good, subdomains are in the backend and ready for action.

The BIG site is getting oiled for beta testing client-side this week. A few bits to iron out here and there, which is expected, hence the set up of resource in line with deadline dates. All dynamic content is doing as it should. This all proves that the upfront planning, scoping and speccing was worth it as everything is great. Flurries of good feelings coming back from clients, the ones who have had sneak peeks. I’m well happy with this one. #NeverRun

The purple site is progressing well and steaming through build, which is a joy to behold.

The VR went live too. The DMs went out, they hit desks with the Google Cardboard glasses in, and they looked cool, all branded up and stuff. Plus, it’s good to actually use QR codes for a purpose, too. Sticking a missed tech of yesterday (the QR) on a new push (Google Cardboard) is rather fun. We had a lump on the day of the drop – the VR world was not syncing in the goggles we sent, all others but not them #obvs. But a quick rebuild and using A-Frame we came up trumps. It’s not as good as my own Google Cardboard photos of me doing stuff #howmanydaves but for a B2B tech campaign it’s cool, and nice to have a client willing to push the envelope away from the norm, so hats off to them.

Now I’ve got to work out and get built VR world Phase 2. This bit needs a live link up with the webinar, which should be fun: “If you can now put your glasses on and look left….” It’s good to push this whole digi/realworld, VR/AR interactions thingy. Should be fun, and when, not if, it works live we will all be well happy. #TomorrowToday

Two videos on the go. One mapped (for the purple site), storyboarded and now with my boy to build it, all assets are there bar the final script and voice-over, but I shall nail them today, what with my new-found skills of copywriting and voice artistry. Did I mention I’m available for events/after dinner/TV work?

Video 2 is looking good, too. Call with Liverpool on Friday went well, my bold script style was perfect with their positioning. Did I mention I do copywriting? LOL. Got to weave in a new bit, about a new thing he told me about, but that’s all Kool and the Gang. NEW v OLD punchy shouty is going well. #Skills

Dynamic data, kinetic animation, 3D modelling, virtual reality, webinar, live VR linkups, live recordings, CMS builds, campaigns, nurture programmes, strategy, branding and optimism. That’s the week in a line of words for you.

Away from work, after a stint of artistic block I hit a breakthrough, which was good. A shift in approach of the new picture I’m doing paid dividends. A bit of a shift of perception and concept, and a bit less thinking and a bit more gut doing and I think it’s looking good. Don’t force an idea. Just let it come out and do its thing. Plus a layer of rain over the top paid dividends. #Smock

And, as an antidote to all this live linking of VR and webinars, I have been working with my 11-year-old daughter on her ‘topic of your own choice’ end-of-term school project. And what joy it is to revisit the work of Andrea Palladio, teaching her classicism, architecture and the architectural orders. She likes Corinthian best if you were wondering. She has produced “I quattro libri di Andrea Palladio” or ‘The four books of Andrea Palladio’ for those of you not #fluent in Italian as we both are. That’s ‘libri’ as it’s plural by the way. Like I said.