‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 11

Another week, another bunch of pixels.

Well, that and some sand as my weekly highlight was East for a catch up and then West to Cornwall via an overnight #roadtrip with my daughter, punctuated with some canoeing and paddle boarding and sanding feet with the kids. All those hours on the road and a six-CD (yep CDs, as my car is from the olden days) road-trip mixtape – half of it ‘Chef’s Choice’ from Winona, the office yoof.


Away from my own personal frivolities, what was the week that was work-wise?

Well, Part 1 I guess was the old virtual reality launch. Glasses all branded up and packed and shipped, the teaser VR enjoyed, now linking the next VR into the WebEx broadcast… Obviously you can’t go streaming VR through the WebEx. It might be good, but not sure it’s that good, so another week of using the good old QR code for something useful.

Not without the odd niggle one will admit now, but when you are spanning the accepted and the new, and are dependent on a cross-section of C-Suiters and their phones it’s not unexpected. Post-event feedback was all very good. Apparently, it even had coverage, or should I say visibility, up at the old Big House in Redmond, which is nice – or that could just be grapevine Chinese whispers.


Either way, it’s great to be able to have a go at some new stuff, and hopefully keep that going with more advanced and exciting footsteps into that VR following both us and our lovely client are dipping our toes into. Hats off to our client for having the balls (excuse my French) to let us go with this off the back of me using my Google Cardboard camera for a spot of ‘Where’s Dave’ as a sales pitch.

Away from that, just running together a pitch response. All very me, Palladian villas with a potential augmented reality mash up. AR is the old school, we are now all VR I know, but still some AR is always fun. I know it’s at odds with Andrea Palladio’s vision of decoration to an extent – as in shiny trinkets are not really part of the master plan – but talking a step back and realising beauty is a result of all elements and plans being considered as parts of a whole, then yes it is.


So yes, it’s all about no superfluous decoration. Well, that’s if we draw the Palladian philosophy forward 400 years or so and overlay some Miesian ideology that is, and ensure everything is part of the whole. So yes, AR is a great live use of technology within the proposal, as will VR be, and if I play this right I might finally get budget sign-off on my 360-degree camera kit, or dare I suggest my six GoPros and the VR ball… Worthy extensions of merit for the ‘we want a new website’ brief.

The point of this is, I guess, tying all that together, considering the whole picture, placement and context, what for, how to, why, and maximum potential across sectors, users, markets and platforms to best benefit the client.

Yes, it’s good to push the boundaries, but let’s always consider the big picture, and push things for merit and actual worth rather than just ‘because’.

Next week, off the back of AR and VR and Pokemon Go, I am looking into the marketing avenues and uses of the next new wave of tech on the market. It’s getting very Tokyo over here in Reading. Next week, tech is…