‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 12

Another week, another doodle or eight.

Hot topics of the week – testing the big site, VR sticking its head above the parapet again, and a bit of new biz with some interesting inbound, video and other such malarkey.


So to start with the big site, it’s getting near that ‘LIVE, LIVE’ status. It’s in test and shakedown, mobile and desktop. Data checking, dynamic links and all that. And for something that has been on screen for this time, both this side and client side it’s showing it’s good as none of us is sick of the sight of it yet. In fact, we are all still well pleased with what we have done.


In fact, as we near the light on this, the first stage of many, we are now scoping the relations. First up is international, my pens are out, doodles have begun and we are looking good.

VR – still rumbles onwards. A week later and still there, thinking now about a third phase as it’s all pretty high viz still, which bodes well. Just don’t try it on your Nokia 5110. Or IE.


Loosely related event of the week, involved us sending our film crew out for an event coverage with some VR experience in there too. Nothing major, no live VR drone racing around the Southbank or such like, but hey, it’s being adopted – which is always fun.

In fact, I am having less resistance with the VR thing than I had getting X number of global clients to look at social four or five years ago. How times change eh?

I guess as digital becomes more accepted as the norm, the more we, clients and their customers (and down the chain), accept progress. Exciting times to be in an interesting sector really. Looks like I chose well in going digital back in the ’90s. All these years later and still in the ascendancy.

Talking of back in the ’90s, one of the clients I pitched on, won and worked with back then has come back in, well a part of them, all through more recent work with others in their area. And I’ve had all sorts of fun this week scoping out what we can do. Yes, they want a site, but within this evolving digital world, any site, especially a B2C one, is so much more than that now. Not to throw out any spoilers, but I have invented new buzz terms and more, and am including augmented and virtual reality, geocaching, social feeds, interactive trails and hunts spanning digi and the real world. It’s all pretty cool. Let’s hope they get it and do it, eh?



I am implementing Palladian Theory on this one, off the back of my daughter’s (award-winning ‘4 books of Andrea Palladio’ and Writer of the Year award #ProudDad), which will ensure all elements create the whole and the whole is made of all elements to ensure beauty through structure.

Video wise – scoping two scripts and storyboards ready for production, scoping the basics of a new ‘tug-at-the-heart-strings’ campaign promo, inbound on another just in and still hot from the oven, and some others I forget the details of right now.

As an aside, doing some speculative briefs for various things to keep the old creative juices flowing and see what pops out the other end.

Key six idents of the week:

1. Rattatas everywhere

2. Red Sofa/Black dress – similar results

3. A-Frame

4. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Columns

5. Flamingo shirt

6. Jelly Babies = the Chocolate Factory

All that on a hot week.