‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 18

As it’s been a while since I’ve done a regular ‘chronicles’ (forgetting the other one earlier), due to me living like #1D, i.e. on hiatus, I thought I’d do a quick update on the busy world of Furby’s to-do list.

Forgetting the entirety of my long break and all the things I/we have done, let’s just look at this week for ease and speed.

New biz – A teaser video, a corporate website planned and spec’d, marketing plans for a retirement home scoped, pricing models planned, PR relationships initiated… That might be it for this week.

Websites – Extension to a big site with charity Christmas campaign allowing staff to pledge cash against challenges to go external very soon. Another extension campaign page on another site went up this week too. Four campaign landing pages packed, supplied and now up and running.

Social – Four social campaigns running currently across LinkedIn using demographic profiling and targeting for sponsored posts. Facebook and LinkedIn continues for another client including today’s #BlackFriday updates on Facebook.

Emails – In conjunction with the above, the outbound push phase 2 went out across four campaigns. Follow-up eDMs on another couple of campaigns also out, plus the inevitable weekly emails for other clients in production for the usual Friday transit.

Video – Two client videos, both kinetic illustration animation, nearing the end. One corporate video done and dusted, and was shown at the big conference on Wednesday. Went down very well, thank you.

Planning – A new campaign plan built, shaped, and messaging stage 1 completed. Creative team briefed to make it pretty.

Strategy – Long-term planning for three clients shaped and presented.

And for Friday afternoon, I am back up to the Big Smoke for another meeting.

Reading back up, I’m pleased to see I have ticked some stuff off the old list.