‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 19

That was the week that was…

I almost slipped again, no Friday post. Meh. Busy. So here’s a summation of all that was on a Monday after the event. #BetterLateThanNever?

2 scoped sites optimised

Two sites, one built and live, the other sitting in that limbo awaiting sign-off and content, and then the…. “that stuff I signed off, I want to change it….” after a couple of months.

That’s cool, not new, often happens, one of the joys of digital. As a build unfolds you see better routes to optimise, to deliver and tell stories. I do love that constant ebb of learning you get when building a large(ish) site – the client learns more about their company off the back of your strategy and content hierarchy, and ultimately evolves their offering. It’s good as they are learning off of our good work. It shows the upfront planning and scoping is well worth it, and of benefit to all. None of that diving in with some design to make it look pretty as a PDF and then just build it. Design by science.

And when it comes to wanting some creative…. #NeverRun

The other site? Well, another case of optimisation, a mixture of storytelling, aesthetic preference shift and an evolution of thinking. All cool. And an amazing opportunity to reshape what is in essence a big software product launch online – over the past 12 months the offering and market has moved, and again the joy of digital means we too can evolve to suit. None of that from-scratch redesign and new print run costing tens of thousands off the olden days, we have a great opportunity to recast the projection and steps of a live body online for a new push of outbound. #SteerIntotheWave

2 videos out the door

Well that’s two down, team changes and many cooks weathered. What came around went around and the end products pretty much match the original storyboards and visuals, so having had inputs and been around the estates a few times the original vision wins out. Everyone feels the need to have added input in a process, which is cool, new and old alike, but let’s input worth not noise, at the right juncture. The end results win in the end. There is process in place with rich media, time-honoured and working. #RespectTheVision

6 social campaigns running through

Primarily living across LinkedIn – we are midway through an outreach campaign across four companies with sponsored posts and currently optimising the creative (words and pictures) for each, shaping the next wave around the existing response and interaction rates. More punch, less fluff. Singular CTAs and, well, more aggressive. In a nice way. As per the original recommendations. #obvs

The other outreach (two channels, two campaigns), is an age-old pulling of teeth exercise. It’s far more fun, it’s got an Xbox giveaway, it’s got snow, bells and fairy lights, it’s Christmas and consumer-facing. It’s not B2B tech, I have freedom to express. But how much effort do you need to put in to give something away? Social and outreach is about momentum and buy in, and I know this, have done it many times, but you need patience to roll.

And it’s often like pulling teeth to begin with just to give away a box of money for nothing… but a bit of paid media, sponsored media and targeted push and we are getting there now. The first few bites are in. I will now apply snowball tactics. Anyone in the Bracknell/Windsor vicinity fancy the chance of a free XBOX ONE for Christmas? Let me know and I will point you in the right way.

So with two scoped sites optimised, two videos out the door, six social campaigns running through, what else has there been? Well multiple eDMs and landing pages put together and launched. Two creative team briefings. Strategy planning completely mapped out and briefed. OTT and Quad-Play learnt, sort of, the cat’s heritage confirmed, the boy scored a brace for his team, one data-filled presentation ready for tweaking printing and binding – #HappyDaze

Roll on another week.