‘Chronicles of a Head of Digital’ – 20

As a new year approaches, what does a HoD from a little agency in the Shires predict for 2017? Are we in year 17 of #TheYearOfTheVideo? lol

Well, having applied our various approaches, live jobs, done jobs, accounts, clients, sectors and brains to this thought-provoking bit of insight, in terms of digital marketing, this is a top 10:

  1. Data – the rise of data will continue, and more than that, it’s the rise of data being useful. Data spods dust off your pulling trousers, you guys are going to be key. #BiggerThanBieber
  2. Sponsorship – yup, it’s social becoming a big paid ad network. After years of distrust in the B2B space, the money and focus are now pouring in. And how do we track our ad spend and effectiveness? Look at #1 above. #PayingForIt
  3. Multiplatform balance – that balance between desktop and mobile will continue, and swing more and more towards mobile. Will we all be designing and writing mobile first with desktop as the secondary delivery? I guess the data spods in #1 up there will let us know. #MobileFirst
  4. Out-of-platform extensions – pushing this digital thing even further from desktop – look at the rise of experiential, digital in actual, AR and VR, geo etc. etc. as a big focus in digital marketing platforms. #Experience
  5. Manufactured peers – this whole peer conversational model is getting more and more diluted with corporate positioning on social especially, so that face-to-face conversation is getting harder to genuinely find and us digital marketers are the ones to blame. #GhostWriter
  6. Less is finally more – what with #’s 3 and 4 getting high up there, the world in which we live is getting stripped back further and further. Welcome to the hamburger being the mainstay of our primary navigation everywhere. And then there is content – see #8. #Hamburger
  7. Surround messaging – yes, we are all omnichannel/quad-play/OTT(content)/AlwaysOn savvy, but it’s going stereophonic and widescreen by joining all the things at the same time, even we have already run live VR in a webinar this summer, a precursor of things to come. #WideScreen
  8. Content journeys – even I am doing it now, calling content dynamic data, it’s all about the data. Hopefully, we as an industry are moving away from the long pages and now building journeys again, relational data-driven journeys. Treating content and its creation as data from a technology point of view allows us to link up syndicated content across multiple areas and leads into #6 as one snippet can now be seen on 4000+ pages if you want – less is indeed more. #SmallSteps
  9. iBI – basically a buzz term I made up which is #1 (data) again and business intelligence. Mash them up and you have informed business intelligence – sound marketing judgements by foresight of actualities. Prediction through analytics. The more #8 and #6 come into play, the more actual iBI we can glean and play with will drive everything else on this list. #intel
  10. You lot – all of that up there will be shaped by what all of us over here will be doing. You lot will tell us what we need to flog you. Through whatever channel, on whatever device, however you interact, project, review, and complain or whatever, you lot, the consumers will shape 2017. We will just try to keep up. #MarketVoice

A bit of a stab, these ‘what next year will bring us’ things always are. But using some #iBI of our own this is, hopefully, an educated stab.

Feel free to agree, disagree, pull this apart or herald it as the most insightful Thought Leadership so far in December 2016. Your call. Or just say nothing….

All I can say is. Love Your Data Monkey. They are the next rock stars.