About Eloqua

Eloqua is one of the marketing automation systems along with Marketo, Silverpop and others, of records for modern marketers. The company's cloud software, professional services and education programs provide marketers with the technology and expertise needed to help marketing drive revenue. (From the Eloqua website)

Posting data to and getting data from Eloqua forms

Eloqua is becoming increasingly popular. Certainly, more of our clients are using it and as we’re always keen to add value, we’ve been looking into how we can add the capability to post data to Eloqua, retrieve it and display it in a form.

There are several ways of doing it. The first is to integrate the Eloqua application programming interface(API) into your application.

The second way, which we’re using, is via the web data lookup feature. This allows you to add a simple script to an existing web page. You’ll then be able to access any data on a contact, visitor or prospect, alter content and pre-populate forms.

Step-by-step set-up

  • First of all, you’ll need to be an advanced user – the Web Data Lookup button will then be visible in the Setup menu.
  • From there you can create a data lookup for the form and also choose the data fields you’d like to use to identify the contact.
  • Once you’ve created your data lookup, you’re given a unique key. From the right-hand menu you can view the script you’ll need to add to enable the data-retrieve function. Note, you might need make a few modifications – for example, rename some fields to match the ones on your page.
  • To post data to a form, select your form. On the right-hand side there’s an Options button – under that you can view the HTML of your form, which gives you the complete code for posting data from your page to your Eloqua form.