Getting heard these days is hard enough…

Everyone else is shouting, advertising, posting and liking, talking, projecting, pushing, tweeting and so forth. And it’s everywhere all the time.

That last bit is important. Everywhere all the time. So many people these days consume content on a variety of devices, be that paper, phone, tablet or desktop. And it’s far more common practice nowadays to consume one piece of content across a variety of devices too. Think about it. How often do you first see an email on your phone when out or travelling or in the evening and then make that mental reminder to check it out properly in the morning when you are back at your desk. How often have you seen a post or link on Facebook or Twitter on your phone probably while watching telly, which you then click on and watch the video again on your laptop? And talking of social, while watching telly, how often are you doing multiple consumptions in one hit, watching telly, talking to someone, listening to the radio or whatever while browsing YouTube, your inbox or Twitter?

It’s actively encouraged these days too, #BBCQT to name a high-brow one, or the celebrity Big Brother launch: as each ‘Celebrity’ emerged onto the runway to the house, the screen had a hashtag for that said celeb – go on, while you are watching, tell the world what you think…

I am currently 47 minutes and 22 seconds through a film on YouTube myself. I started last night on my phone, this morning watched 5 minutes or so from my desk, and will watch some more later. I am jumping between devices to consume one thing.

It’s not such a new concept: posters led you to magazines that took you to the shop to buy something. Transmedia promotion has always been with us, but today there is a marked shift towards currency, interaction, conversation and technology, which makes this game a hell of a lot more interesting. You have to be sure that one thing works everywhere. Or maybe if you are good at it, you reshape it for the medium. The same person behaves differently in different places. Characteristics on LinkedIn are different from Twitter as they are to email and so forth.

Make that one thing work everywhere, shape it to the behavioural mechanics of the location and the device.

Make it work. Make it sing. Make it engage.

Understand the platforms and work to their strengths.

That’s how you get heard these days.