Twitter goes into retirement

For those who are unaware, Twitter retired its original REST API (v1) on Tuesday 11th June (yep, that was last Tuesday). What does this mean…?

Well, you can read the details in all their technical glory here on Twitter’s website. For the less technically passionate, this means the following:

If you currently have a Twitter stream on your website, there’s a risk it may cease working – I’d suggest a quick word with your web-developers to ensure it’s using the API v1.1

If you’ve got an old Twitter stream (i.e. one that will expire), it’s not just a case of pointing it to a different source – it now needs to accept JSON format info from Twitter, rather than the old XML feed. Basically this means rebuilding the way this works.

If you’ve only recently added Twitter to your website, it’s unlikely you’ll have any problems – the v1.1 API has been available for a little while now.

Why is Twitter doing this?

Well, the main reason is that Twitter want a better idea of who’s connecting to the API and how much. For this reason, the new API requires an authenticated connection (essentially this just means your website tells Twitter that it’s streaming from the API – and Twitter agrees this).

What can you do about it?

Give us a shout – we’d be happy to make the necessary updates. We’re already making these changes for a few clients, so we know the process inside out. We’ll also help make sure your stream accords to Twitter’s new requirements around display format – preventing any problems in the future.