Video Cards killed the Radio Star…

High impact and memorable; powerful and easily consumable. Video is the perfect medium for marketing messages.

Video online is one of the strongest methods of communicating a complex message in an easy-to-absorb way. Video often achieves high click-through rates from email, and increases dwell time on page. Done well, it can demystify the most complex corporate messages.

As digital is starting to step over the boundaries into the offline world, why not have video in direct mail? It’s high impact; it gets noticed.

Imagine the impact of your video in a card, landing on your prospect’s desk. They will watch, listen and respond. They will no doubt pass it round and others will be watching and listening. Why not get on the rich media in your hands push before everyone is doing it?

With years of experience in creating videos, as well as running highly successful integrated campaigns, we can:

  • Create engaging, high-quality and cost-effective video content (just ask our customers).
  • Design your video card packaging
  • Personalise the content
  • Support you all the way through to fulfilment

Incorporate video cards into an integrated campaign – including online pages, email, social, mobile and telemarketing – and let us tie the whole thing together for you.

Or if you just want a stand-alone WOW asset, we can do that, too.

About the video cards:

  • HD LCD screen
  • A6, A5, A4 and custom-sized cards
  • Play-on-open or touch-screen options

Make your offline campaign come alive with interactive media in your hands. Make something memorable today, to get you noticed by your prospects.

Get in touch, and we’ll happily arrange a demo so you can see the cards in the flesh.

For more information, contact Dave Furby, Head of Digital on 0118 958 9815 or email