Video featuring Charlie helps AQA bring languages to life

AQA - Languages for life AQA, the leading provider of GCSEs and A-levels for secondary schools and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, holds more than 50% of market share for languages at both GCSE and A-level.

The campaign objective was to grow this market share. Oculus’ task was to help AQA position its language qualifications to capture teachers’ imagination and align with their passion for teaching languages, alongside promoting resources available to teachers. The target audience comprised heads of department (the decision makers) and teachers of GCSE and A-level French, German and Spanish in England.

When coming up with concepts, we focused on the key message – bringing language qualifications to life. We knew we needed to promote progression routes through the levels of learning and to show why learning a language is an exciting and useful skill for students. Our integrated campaign approach was built around an animated video centerpiece, but AQA loved the video concept so much that they decided to concentrate on this alone.

We worked closely with AQA throughout the development. After storyboarding, we wrote the script and developed an engaging character, ‘Charlie’, who would take a journey to demonstrate at various stages how a language would be of benefit to him.

The resulting animation, now featuring on the AQA website, shows how AQA can help teachers inspire the next generation of language students and give them a skill for life.

AQA loved it… and so did many others – there were 120 clicks through to the video in the first half an hour!

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