Environmental Policy

  • Recycle all paper and card waste using the free-of-charge local service offered by Woodside Recycling in Grazeley, Berkshire.

  • Recycle all toner cartridges via International Technology Products (UK) Ltd. This also helps several charities: the Born Free Foundation, NARA and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

  • Recycle redundant computer kit via R3 Environmental Solutions Ltd. We pay a small fee for this service, but it is cheaper than taking it to the local waste site ourselves.

  • Install long-life or energy-saving light bulbs throughout our offices (see Lyco Direct for great deals). We turn off any lights in unoccupied rooms and power down all kit overnight where this is feasible.

  • Select company cars that feature good fuel economy and low CO2 emission.

  • Monitor heating levels constantly to make sure no room is overheated. We recently engaged the Sash Window Workshop to renovate and draught-proof our London Street premises.

If you would like to join any of these schemes, the companies above will be pleased to hear from you. Or if you have any ideas on recycling and you would like to share them with Oculus please e-mail mallen@oculus.co.uk