Promotional video enhances the ZTE Blade series marketing campaign

ZTE Blade - Qmaxi video

ZTE UK, a subsidiary of China-based telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider ZTE Corporation, aims to become a top-3 handset provider in the UK and Europe.

It asked Oculus to create a suite of marketing materials to help drive the Europe-wide launch of the Blade Q series smartphones. For the top-of-the-range ZTE Blade Q Maxi (with a large bright screen that maximises video and picture viewing), ZTE asked us to design and produce a video for its YouTube channel and as a promotional tool at events.

The target demographic primarily comprises those that are brand and market aware but with a limited disposable income, for example 16–19-year-olds.

Aware of the importance of advertising in driving demand in this marketplace, Oculus devised the ‘Express Yourself’ campaign, mirroring the customer positioning with strong visual messaging and prompting users to ‘Connect to a whole world of experience’ – a design rationale underpinned by full understanding of the product and customer profile.

After storyboarding, we completed the animation and added a punchy soundtrack to complement the eye-catching visuals. We created and built a promotional video tool that’s effective and impactful to enhance the ZTE marketing campaign and resonate with the target audience.

We have been able to adapt ‘Express Yourself’ successfully across other Blade models – enabling us to keep costs down by using the same framework to build videos for other smartphones in the Blade family.

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