Push it into #discomfort

Push it real good
Some mantra’s transcend time, some hold up whenever you are living. A prime example to keep freshness in your approach to life and work was wonderfully, memorable and coherently put into verse in 1986 by Salt-N-Pepa and goes as follows:

Ah, push it, ah, push it

Oooh, baby, baby, baby, baby

As well as being a classic early Hip Hop anthem from the olden days – the ethos behind it is strong. 
In our line of work, it is essential that we, as creatives, push it every time to ensure you, our dear clients, get the best out of us every day.

Taking the base value of always pushing it, this mantra is further dissected as such:

(Now wait a minute, y’all
This dance ain’t for everybody
Only the sexy people
So all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance…
Dance, I said!)

But how, I hear you say, does that relate to that there Advertising industry you work in? It’s all about the #discomfort there is with all this pushing it.

Are we brave enough? Are you brave enough?

Is this new thing really the right way to go?

Granted it’s not the right move every time, but when it is, do it. Just do it… oh hold on (that’s someone else’s brand!) but hey it fits with what we are saying.

Don’t sit on the fence watching your competition being the ‘sexy people’ and doing what you should have done and were shown and advised last month, don’t let those ‘sexy people’ steal your thunder.

Let us push it, so you can join the sexy one! Let your competition think that of you! Let your competition aspire to you!

Salt and Pepa’s here, and we’re in effect.

Just imagine living your life in that world of #discomfort and being Salt n Pepa, you could be here, you could be in effect.

How to become number one in a hot party show? 
Just push it.