Rockulus-tastic – my boy ‘done good’!

Last week I had an amazing night… something I could hardly have predicted a few years ago.  I was in Ronnie Scott’s bar actually watching and listening to my very cool son playing guitar!

11_2013_(15) On the back of his work with a local singer/songwriter and numerous gigs across London, including some great Camden pubs and swanky jazz clubs, they were asked to play a set for unsigned bands. In fact the bar hosts ‘Ruby Sings’ for the ‘best of British unsigned talent’ twice a month. First scheduled in the spring (great excitement all round), it had to be rescheduled (massive letdown!) as the singer was only 17 and Ronnie Scott’s operates a strict over-18s policy.

Apart from Charlie’s brilliance, it was really fantastic to see and hear so much young talent. A lot of artists have gone on to great things after playing at Ronnie’s bar, so my fingers are well and truly crossed!

You’re too late to catch Charlie, but it’s a great venue, a great night and well worth a visit.

P.S. They’ve asked them to play again!! TBA!

11_2013_(14) P.P.S. The nearest thing to a tattoo I’ll ever have!