it is #discomfort

static850 The art of taking yourself away from your comfort zone to do something new, something better.

An important mantra, and one to reap rewards from.

In terms of marketing, very important.

Today we live in a ‘always on’ society, smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart TV’s all on top of the traditional media of poster sites, bus stops, bus and taxi wraps, everywhere you go, look and live there are adverts, stuff being pushed in your face. It’s constant. It’s modern life.

But which do you notice in the wall of noise?

Which do you remember?

And which do you actually action off the back of, be that buy something or comment or favourite or forward…?

Everyone and everything is competing for recognition. You are. Your competition are. I am. My kids are. My boss is. But what and who do I answer, look at and remember?

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way up front. My wife, the kids and the boss, they need to be answered, otherwise the rest is academic. You will never compete with that basic 3 or a variation of depending on your circumstances.

So let’s look at our secondary responses, what have we got left, corporate ads and friends.

TBH friends probably come next and then the marketing.

So my recognition scale is: recogscale

Unless a super extraordinary new thing is shown to me that I really really need, then that jumps up the scale, but that is a rare thing. A bear and a hare, the first iPhone, a Model T Ford, a lightbulb moment.

But really do I need a new phone? A more expensive car? A new cloud network? Really… do I? #ProbsNot.

And if I do, why do I want yours, they all do the same thing, all cost about the same for the same spec. Why choose the one I do. Reputation, loyalty, customer service, price, loyalty points, offers… all of them.

And that’s if I want one. For the rest of you though… you need to be noticed. You need to get up that recognition scale.

How do you do that? How to get noticed? Well you need to stand above the competition.

If the competition all use men in grey suits for their ads why don’t you use a lady in an orange dress?

Is orange out of your comfort zone?

If everyone else are all world class solutions, why don’t you be a real life solution.

Is peer conversational messaging out of your comfort zone?

If they are all stats and facts, why don’t you go emotive. Stand out.

Do you find comfort in specification table, or a price list? Lose the comfort. Move on.

Try to say more, louder, with less.

Would 3 words and nothing else make you uneasy?

Be uneasy.

And remember my hierarchy of recognition up there?

  1. Wife, kids and boss
  2. Friends
  3. Adverts
Now just imagine if you can wrap number 3 (your marketing) up with the top 2?

Push your adverts into the top 2 in my recognition scale?

Wouldn’t that be extraordinary?

Just imagine if my wife said I had to buy your car and not theirs. Or my kids want this pizza not that. Or my friends recommend this hotel over that. I am more likely to do what people I know advise me to do than your advert will tell me to do.

Oh hold on, it’s all going social, is that out of your comfort zone?

If it is let me welcome you to #discomfort and show you how you can reap the rewards of doing that something new.

And let’s face facts, to do that you may need to step out of your comfort zone, stop doing the same old thing, do something new. That’s where we come in. Use psychology, sentiment, knowledge, daring and spunk to create something new.

To coin a phrase… ‘do something new’

Embrace your #discomfort.