Knowledge is power – and analysis comes in pretty handy, too

Having finished my Master’s degree in International Business & Strategy at the reputable Henley Business School and with five years’ experience in Media and Sales & Marketing roles, I was looking to add a finishing touch to my skill set and take the next big step in my career in the Marketing & Advertising industry.


During my previous role at News Corporation, client servicing & stakeholder management were key business winners and I developed good business relations with all my clients (with whom I am in regular touch with). Meeting clients, understanding their business, suggesting marketing solutions for their brands and the excitement of closing deals is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

My internship at Oculus

Since the latter stage of my MBA and having been used to a fast-paced corporate lifestyle, I felt the need for a change from the student lifestyle. An internship came up at Oculus, which has provided me with an excellent platform and opportunity to pursue my career. It has given me a good grounding of the expectations from clients and what expectations we set upon ourselves to deliver a successful campaign/project  – and above all else how to be an accomplished future Account Manager.

Oculus has allowed me to develop my main purpose as a Market Analyst/Researcher for existing and new clients, getting under the skin of clients and understanding their business and future needs and how Oculus can help them along the way. I believe that having a full understanding of our clients’ business sectors and foreseeing the future trends in their industry helps you recommend the right solution, thus helping the brand achieve that extra edge in their marketing strategy and eventually leading to a commercial advantage and effective ROI. This knowledge has been invaluable to me whilst at Oculus, and my contribution has been getting these facts and information to the Account Managers/Account Directors alongside recommending suitable strategies for their clients.

Web design and creating online platforms is a core capability of the Oculus offering.  I have been lucky to help with the analysis of client websites, reviewing the technology used, quality of SEO/content and how well it is marketed online. I have analysed client websites and created a web-audit report of my recommendations to improve their site e.g. mobile optimisation to responsiveness, increase traffic to generate sales/enquiries to SEO content, etc. I have also been heavily involved with the web tool Sitebeam, which is used to test websites for everything from SEO, speed, and social media to accessibility. It is very useful in helping analyse client websites and aided me in my recommendations for improvements. This research has been part of a larger, targeted, new business campaign for Oculus aimed at organisations with existing Kentico CMS websites.

I have also been involved in researching additional marketing activities to boost the clients’ business participation in industry events/summits, which would gain them access to new markets as well as upcoming trends in the market that can be capitalised on. The clients have been receptive to my recommendations and have been impressed by the added value I have provided them.

One thing I have learnt from Oculus is that they don’t forget about their clients and are always looking ahead to the future with their clients! The Oculus team are a creative set of people, very professional in their approach and great fun to work with. It’s been a pleasure.