The 4Rs: PR, RoR and HR!

Managed by Linda Bloor


It's a wrap!


If you’re in London during the next year, look out for the eye-catching artwork that’s now motoring around London on five black cabs, all featuring the call to action “Call us and quote TAXI for your special deal.’’ And when clients are in the cab (and can’t get away!)… the same artwork adorns the tip-up seats and even goes home with them on the taxi receipts.

Tracker’s also planning to broaden the campaign with some fun and games on social media and maybe by wrapping some more taxis in Belfast.


It’s a great, cost-effective way of reaching a massive audience – the megaside wraps are a constantly moving billboard that will be seen by a huge number of potential customers across the city.


And Tracker employees can benefit from the campaign too. A £50 voucher is up for grabs for the first member of staff to spot and photograph one of the Trackered-up cabs.

A couple we wrapped earlier…