CMS multilanguage charity website launches


Latin Link is an international community serving local churches throughout Latin America. Its passion is to live, teach and promote biblical Christianity, to help meet identified needs and develop mission initiatives to, from and within the region.

Latin Link asked Oculus to create a new website, including a refresh of the overall identity and messaging. It wanted a colourful, contemporary-looking CMS website that promoted job/mission opportunities in Latin America and also encouraged and processed donations.

The new English-developed website needed to be fully translatable into other languages, which we delivered by building on the Kentico CMS platform.

In addition, Latin Link wanted Oculus to create a new event/calendar system and refresh its existing member intranet to allow updating by international team leaders.

Other key deliverables of the Latin Link international website project were:

  • A donation details capture solution, integrated with RBS WorldPay and associated reporting
  • A global intranet that utilised the same database of users and roles, with inherent security included
  • A stock media library through the international website and intranet, plus a modified media gallery to provide document share functionality

From the initial English template, Portuguese, German and Spanish versions were created by Latin Link. The multilanguage CMS website ( was successfully launched in mid-April 2010, following an internal launch at an international congress in February in Peru, with the potential to launch future country versions, including one for the UK, at a later date.