it is #discomfort

The art of taking yourself away from your comfort zone to do something new, something better. An important mantra, and one to reap rewards from. In terms of marketing, very important. Today we live in a ‘always on’ society, smart phones, desktops,...

Eye-catching point of sale for Canon Europe

Canon Europe was planning to relaunch its PIXMA range of next-generation printers across Europe. With above-the-line activity already in place, it asked Oculus, one of its official suppliers for design services, for ideas on how to enhance the campaign...

Powerful ad campaign promotes safety at Merseyrail

With a network comprising 75 route miles and 780 trains every weekday providing 40 million passenger journeys a year, Merseyrail is one of the most intensively used networks in the UK. Merseyrail is committed to customer service excellence and the safety...