Anna with her picnic lunch on holiday in TanzaniaJust back from an amazing couple of weeks in Tanzania – fabulous place, lovely people (apart from the touts at the ferry terminal). We flew to Dar es Salaam but after that travelled by road and ferry, so got a real feel for this amazing country… unlike most, who fly in and out of everywhere and move from one ‘luxury’ venue to another. There were some surreal moments though… for example, we were about to begin a seven-hour road trip and our driver told us he had to stop to pick up a picnic lunch. Expecting and wanting cassava and bean delights, we were gobsmacked when he pulled up outside Subway  – needless to say it was pretty disgusting after nestling for four hours on the front seat of a very hot 4×4. Not an experience we’d like to repeat! And there were repercussions… but I won’t go into that!

Then, after a very unsettling ferry trip to the hugely atmospheric Stone Town in Zanzibar (even the new awful scrums at the supposedly improved Reading Railway station – but that’s another story

Hadn’t prepared me for the experience of navigating the ferry terminal in Dar… an experience not for the faint hearted!), I was surprised to see ancient dhows adorned with advertisements for Facebook – there is no escape! Against a crumbling backdrop punctuated by a magnificent array of doors (I have a door fetish!) it was a bit incongruous really.


I had to show you some of the fabulous doors! There are a lot more!

But the main reason for this blog is to draw a marketing analogy! Mesmerised by the grisly sight and gristly sound of hyenas and hundreds of vultures fighting over what was left of a zebra, I thought of the sated lions we’d just seen. They truly had had the lions’ share – they’d taken all the best bits and were lying around virtually comatose in the shade of a clump of umbrella trees. I know which I’d rather be!


It’s the same old story: the big boys get the most and the little guys try to make a living out of what’s left. But even then, there’s opportunity. There are specialists able to reach parts others can’t. There were at least four different kinds of vulture creeping up to the carcass and trying to get a peck of flesh before the hyenas chased them away. But there was one perched high in a tree waiting for the hyenas to finish. This was one of the largest, rarest vultures that gets first peck – until they’ve done their job, the other vultures can’t feed as their beaks aren’t strong enough to break through the skin. Then they wait – for days sometimes – to get last peck, finishing all the stringy bits the others don’t want. All a bit gruesome and gory, but in the end everything is clean and tidy and all (except the kill) happy and full.


I know it’s a strange analogy, but the conclusion is that there’s a place for everyone in the hierarchy, however small, but you need to go for it. Watching the vultures sneaking up to steal what the hyena felt was rightly hers made me think of trying to get a market share. And that’s where we come in… analysing the market, and devising and delivering a strategy to ensure our clients exploit every niche and get a share of the spoils. Today that means considering all possible avenues and joining them up in the most cost-efficient way, to give the biggest return for the smallest outlay. Make sure you get your fair share. Have a look at our Facebook page to see what we’re doing for our clients every day – we can do it for you too.

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