No hyena this time and the lunch was a LOT better!

They let me out of the cupboard again and I made the most of it… travelling to the Henry Moore Foundation in the beautiful village of Perry Green. For 2013, the Foundation compared the works of Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore. It’s too late now! This extraordinary and fascinating exhibition is closed, but if you missed out, there’s an interactive tour of the outdoor exhibits available.

Sculpture at the Henry Moore Foundation Sculpture at the Henry Moore Foundation

In addition to the massive pieces scattered in the extensive grounds, there are also several galleries housing a varied range of smaller, equally remarkable works.

There’s also the opportunity to tour the house (home to a cornucopia of artefacts), which is well worth doing.

Large Figure in a Shelter (no.24) Large Reclining Figure in Spring (no.15) Sheep Piece in Spring (no.16)

(From left to right)

  1. Large Figure in a Shelter (no.24) was particularly beautiful as the sun was out during our visit.
  2. Large Reclining Figure in Spring (no.15) – Spectacular, especially when viewed across the fields.
  3. Sheep Piece in Spring (no.16) is stunning. The sheep seem to appreciate it….but more as a scratching post than a work of art – they've polished the base to a brilliant lanolin shine.

All in all it was a hugely enjoyable day, rounded off by a pretty good late lunch at The (adjacent) Hoops Inn. The house and sculpture garden will open again in the spring… make sure you go next year.