Andy PyeWelcome to Andy Pye, our new Business Development Executive. He’ll be working closely with the account staff and promises to be a great asset to the growing Oculus team.

But Andy has many strings to his bow! As well as having a strong background in sales and business development, particularly in the global energy markets, he’s pretty good on guitar and has toured Europe and the States with his band. The standard of accommodation varied a bit though!

The band spent months living in a converted 1980s transit van called the Magical Mystery Machine when they toured Europe – imagine the Scooby-Doo gang… without the Hanna-Barbera funding! But when recording their first album, they lived in Roger Taylor’s house in Hollywood for a couple of months. The upsides were huge after parties after playing The Roxy and The Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. But the only ‘stars’ they met were both two rather un-rock-and-roll Brits – James Blunt and James Morrison – although James Morrison did buy them a 10-foot-wide margherita pizza after a show. Those were the days!

And he’s not the only ‘muso’ here. Future blogs will showcase the many talents of Dan (Bongolian) Rooms, Steve (General Seven) Pering, Linda (Festival Queen) Bloor and unashamed plugs for Anna’s son Charlie (I love my Taylor) Mees.

P.S. Thanks to Gavin for coming up with the cheesy heading!