“Absolutely blown away by the video. It’s not that we are easily pleased –I think it’s because you are so good at your job!!”


It is well known that the use of video in online material increases traffic and retention. Obviously the video must be good quality, relevant and of actual worth to both the online journey and, more importantly, to the viewer. That is where we excel.

Oculus loves video, and understands the power it brings to a brand or campaign in strengthening the message and driving up interaction and engagement. We have produced and deployed video across the web, email, desktop/mobile, conferences and presentations, to name but a few channels. Using live film, animation and 3D modelling, we know the power of video and how best to deliver it. From the concept, through the storyboard, to production and deployment we have been there – and have the results to prove it.

An engaging video can convey a message in a memorable and thought-provoking way far quicker and more succinctly than the written word and static media – when it’s done right.

  • Website visitors will stay longer than two minutes when they watch a video1
  • Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic2
  • Video in email can increase click-through rates by 300%3
  • YouTube is the third most viewed website after Google and Facebook4
  • 40% of YouTube traffic is mobile5

It has been proven that users who arrive via video are more likely to engage or buy than those who didn’t. Our own results prove this, as our customers have found out.


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