Take your marketing insight to the next level with Lead Forensics

At Oculus, we understand that without solid market insight you can’t deliver creative marketing solutions that resonate with your audience. And insight doesn’t stop there. Closely monitoring campaign performance is essential if you want your campaign’s success to grow. We’re always looking for the next big thing to improve the experience for our clients, and we want to share our insights with you too!

Oculus is using Lead Forensics lead generation software to guide our own insights and better understand what our clients want to see. We think it’s an essential tool for optimising any digital marketing and online campaigns – why?

Unmatched insight with Lead Forensics

With Lead Forensics, you get new opportunities from your website by giving you unmatched insight into which businesses are visiting your website – who these businesses are, including: company name, address and phone number, industry, turnover and more. It identifies what they look at and where they came from – making it the ultimate tool for lead generation.

It also gives you deeper insight into what your audience is engaging with and shows you which marketing campaigns are driving that activity, including:

  • How each business found your website, whether through search, social media, email, direct (or any other route!)
  • The search terms and referring links used to get to your website
  • Pages viewed and amount of time spent on each page
  • Visitor journey onsite, including previous visits

With the Lead Forensics tool you can develop a deeper understanding of your target audience. So you can build smart, engaging campaigns around what your audience really wants to see – and see return from optimising your activity.

The tool integrates with a number of CRM platforms including Salesforce, Sage, Infusionsoft and Highrise, or even with your own CRM.

Find out more

Lead Forensics - What we do For more details on Lead Forensics, watch their short ‘What we do’ video.

You can also sign up for a free demo and trial on your website by calling 0207 206 7293 and quoting ‘Oculus’ or filling out this quick form for more information.