DataCollector iPad app

We wanted to maximise ease of collection and the quality of data from leads at events.


Adobe asked us to design a tool to enable swift and accurate collection of contact data. The app needed to run on iPad 2 and newer (iOS 5 and iOS 6) and be locked to portrait orientation – providing the best use of space for information capture. As multiple users use the same device at each event, we needed to build in a required confirmation of user that would lock the rest of the app until completed.


We designed, built and user tested an iPad app in time for use at a major industry event. For ease of use, the app contains all fields on one screen with hide–reveal function to save space. The user interface is clean and intuitive, with plenty of space between fields to reduce risk of input errors. The app stores data locally until imported to Adobe’s online CRM system.

  • Adobe - Data Collection iPad app side view
  • Adobe - Data Collection iPad app top view
  • Adobe - Data Collection iPad app  side view

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