Reception graphic

We have a large wall in our reception area and Oculus designs the amazing graphic that takes pride of place there.


Although sited in a large area, there’s a huge amount of information to incorporate. Serco won the franchise to operate the DLR in 1997. So there’s a long timeline with many significant events, and it grows longer each time we refresh! It has to be easy to read, easy to follow and be internal and external facing, appealing equally to Serco employees and visitors. The design also incorporates a real-time digital display.


We created a striking and engaging graphic to replace the wall art we designed in 2011. It takes into account significant milestones, awards gained and new stages of the Serco journey – including DLR’s fantastic achievement during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the forthcoming re-franchising process.

  • DLR - Reception Graphics
  • DLR - Reception Graphics

“We really love the wall and have had so much great feedback since it went up, so thank you.”

Serco Docklands